Nice! Woman Who Used to Be the Smart Sibling Now the Poor One

In an exciting turn of events, 26-year-old Dalia Raymond used to be considered the “smart” sibling, but after graduating college, she has become firmly established as the “poor one.”


How interesting!


Dalia admitted she was taken by surprise when she ended up being the lowest earning sibling, saying, “I guess I just had big aspirations for myself. And I kind of just assumed those aspirations would lead to more than $25,000 a year.”


Dalia’s twin sister, Lea, told reporters that she also had high hopes for herself in adulthood, but without Dalia’s reliance on academic exceptionalism.


“I just skipped college entirely and pursued a career in the trades,” Lea said. “Ultimately, that led to me becoming a very successful construction manager.”


“It’s amazing to not have any student loans to pay off,” Lea added, which reporters felt was kind of rubbing it in. “School was never my strong suit, but I’ve found the real world to be incredibly fulfilling. I guess that’s what six figures will do for you.”


Again, reporters took issue with Lea’s choice of words, finding her use of the phrase “real world” a bit mean-spirited, and the mention of her salary unnecessary.


“Yeah, what the fuck was that all about?” Dalia said when Lea was out of earshot. “I’m clearly already struggling, why kick me when I’m down?”


“Why can’t I rub it in a little?” said Lea, who apparently had not been out of earshot. “It’s not like Dalia held back every time she beat me in a timed math test in elementary school. What? She can dish it, but can’t take it?”


While Dalia felt her sister was being petty and vindictive, she did agree that how well you do in school doesn’t always reflect how well you’ll do in life.


“Turns out, being good at timed math tests in elementary school offers no real value in adulthood,” Dalia said. “I wish my teachers would’ve led with that instead of labeling me a ‘gifted child.’”


Dalia’s mom, Katrina, told reporters that she didn’t understand where her daughter’s confusion stemmed from.


“Her teachers specifically told her she was gifted in math,” Katrina said. “So, why the hell did she suddenly think she’d excel at a career in studio art?”


Okay, brutal!



Although her mom’s comments did hurt her feelings, they also served to settle Dalia’s dispute with Lea, as they both agreed that what their mom said was super annoying.


As of press time, Dalia and Lea had grown closer than ever, with Lea even offering to loan Dalia some money. Unfortunately, that only served to provoke Dalia’s irritation all over again, and reporters were barely able to sneak out of the room before she yelled, “Oh, so you do think you’re better than me!”