Next-Level Braids to Earn the Workplace Respect You Deserve

It’s tough being a woman in the workplace. It’s even tougher when you keep showing up to the office with lackluster, average hair that just shouts, “Please ignore and walk all over me!” Show your colleagues that you’re a smart, motivated woman who deserves respect by rocking one of these truly next-level braids:


The Mermaid Queen

Mermaids have been distracting men for centuries! Take the fishtail braid to the next level by weaving in blue, green and aqua ribbon, fresh seaweed, and tiny shells. Once the guys from marketing see what a creative, resourceful woman you are, they’ll stop interrupting you whenever you talk in meetings!


The Leia-Saber

Take Princess Leia’s iconic side buns to the next level by adding tiny light sabers from Lego sets. Make two braids, twist and fasten each one on the respective side of your head, and then secure the miniature light sabers throughout with bobby pins. When creepy Jerry sees the toy lasers emanating from your ‘do, he’ll be too distracted to stare at your chest when he talks to you!



The Rapunzella

Take Rapunzel’s epic tresses to the next level by inviting in Cinderella’s entourage of feathered and furry friends. Dye your hair blond and get long extensions, then make one long braid and fashion it into a nest on top of your head. Go outside and befriend some local birds and mice on your way to work, and welcome them to take up residence in the nest. The menagerie on your head will surely get the attention of the VP, who will finally remember your name and stop referring to you as “the intern” even though you got hired full-time two years ago!


The Girl on Fire

Take Katniss Everdeen’s famous side braid to the next level by setting it on fire. You’ll need some high-grade stunt materials and several test rounds to get this one off the ground. If you can pull it off without burning your hair and/or face off, your boss will be so impressed he’ll definitely give you the promotion you deserve instead of hiring another one of his college buddies’ nephews!


You’ll have to wake up two to three hours early to execute these styles, and do touch-ups throughout the day, and one of them might melt your flesh. But it will be well worth it when Dave from the business office sees what a serious, respect-deserving professional you are and finally issues your overdue paychecks from the last six months!