6 Signs He’s Ready to Take It to the Next Level with Your Best Friend

After years of being soul-crushingly single, you’ve finally met a guy who’s hot, funny, and close with his family. You might even love him. Everything about him is perfect…for your best friend, Stephanie. But is he ready to settle down with Stephanie? From the smoldering looks he gives Stephanie to the tender touches that Stephanie receives, here are six signs this out-of-your-leaguer is ready to take it to the next level with your best friend since childhood:


Does he find little excuses to bring Stephanie up in conversation? Not only is this a painful reminder that he will never return your affections for him, it is also a dead giveaway that he totally has the hots for your best friend, who deserves a great guy way more than you do. Go Steph!


Does he stare just a little too long at Stephanie? If he often trails off in the middle of your conversations with him—cause, let’s be honest, you’re just not as funny as Stephanie is—and begins to smile dreamily, you can bet your booties he’s dreaming of the day he’ll someday propose! (To Stephanie. Not you. Sorry.)


Does he drop plans at a moment’s notice for a chance to see you, but only when you are with Stephanie? Even plans he’s had for a long time? Oh yeah, he’s got it bad—for your bestie! Steph was always so good at getting guys.



Does he often make references to the future involving Stephanie? Little comments about future activities he’s planning with your closest girlfriend since you were three years old are a surefire sign he’s ready to stop being a “me”, and start being a “them.”


Does he ask you what size ring Stephanie wears? Well, wipe away those tears and get ready to go shopping for another hideous bridesmaid dress—this guy is seriously in love—with your best friend—Stephanie!


Has he recently stood hand-in-hand with Stephanie and professed his love for her, in front of all of their family and friends, and possibly a priest, rabbi, or justice of the peace? Oh yeah, safe to say this guy is in it for the long haul. Might be time to reactivate your OKCupid profile. Mazel tov, Stephanie!