Nail Your Next Interview by Ending on a Death Drop

Are you having a hard time finding work in this economy? It’s damn near impossible! The jobs are few and far between, which means that every interview is crucial. Nowadays, you have to bring your A Game to every game! Blow away the competition—and your future employer—with today’s signature badass move: the Death Drop. Here’s a quick guide to using this unforgettable dance move to seal the corporate deal:


Step 1: The Greeting
When you’re greeted by your interviewer, smile, look them straight in the eye, give a firm hand shake, then BOOM. DEATH DROP. First impression better WERK, mama! Just make sure to let go of their hand so you don’t take them down with you. Drop their hand like you’re dropping a mic.


Step 2: Resume & Review
During your interview remember to keep your body language positive. Smile and nod to signal you are listening and engaged. Lastly, whenever you’re asked any questions about your work experience, respond with a quick and concise DEATH DROP. This powerful move will answer all their questions about your work ethic.



Step 3: Exit & Last Impression
You definitely crushed the interview, so don’t feel the need to rush out quickly. Take your time and get to know your future employer better. Then, once you do make your way to the exit, give one last firm hand shake and your final DEATH DROP.


It’s a cruel competitive world out there, and if you want to WERK, then you better make like a drag queen and DEATH DROP your way to the top. Icon!!!