My Boyfriend Didn’t Want to Take Me Apple Picking, So I Doxxed Him

Fall is here, which means that everyone is running to the nearest apple orchard to take pics for Instagram. Everyone except for my boyfriend, that is, even though I’ve asked him to go with me more than three times, which is why I decided to fully dox him and possibly ruin his life.


I believe that getting your boyfriend to take you apple picking is a basic human right, and denying me of this opportunity frankly makes him a bad person, worthy of getting your personal information shared with the public for the purpose of retaliation, threats, and stalking.


And don’t worry, I didn’t forget to share his banking info and his mother’s maiden name.


But shortly after posting all of this information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I was met with an overwhelming amount of hate from other users.


Most of what people said were along the lines of, “It’s never okay to release someone’s private information, no matter what they do!” or “He probably won’t take you apple picking because you’re so crazy!” or “Refusing to take you apple picking isn’t even that bad!” But I strongly disagree. Have you ever dated someone who refused to go apple picking?



When my boyfriend told me that he didn’t want to take me apple picking because he didn’t want to go upstate, I was crushed. I also knew that (probably) millions of other girls are going through the same thing this season. I didn’t dox my boyfriend just for me, I doxxed him for all of the other heartbroken girls who have boyfriends that didn’t want to take the train, even though the train ride is actually kind of cute.


While we are still together, him not taking me apple picking has definitely caused a strain in the relationship. We’re currently not speaking to each other because he’s busy “changing all of his banking information,” but I know that he’s really just ashamed to admit that he was wrong about not taking me apple picking.


Hopefully he’ll come around, and hopefully he does before apple picking season is over because if he doesn’t I’m going to post his social security number next!