Mom Wondering if You’ve Seen ‘The L Word’, Which Seems to Have a Lot of LGBT Storylines in It  

In a developing story out of Canton, Ohio, your mom casually asked in a phone call yesterday if you’ve seen The L Word, which according to her, “seems to have a lot of LGBT storylines in it.”


In this brazen attempt to connect, your mother seemed to have just discovered the most iconic lesbian-themed shows to ever grace the screen, which began in 2004.



“It seems like it might have a lesbian storyline or two in it,” your mother continued. “You should check it out.”


It remains unclear whether she was talking about the original series or Generation Q, and she certainly doesn’t seem to know the difference.


“I just love that Jennifer Beals,” she added. “She was so great in Flashdance. Is she a lesbian?”


She then casually asked if you knew anybody on the show, even though you live in Ohio and work in marketing.


While you may be pleased by your mother’s kind of awkward attempt to validate your sexuality, it remains unclear whether you will ruin it by explaining how embarrassingly bad it is.