Man Warned Woman He’s An Asshole, So It’s Fine

Before beginning an ill-conceived relationship last month, Dustin Redman warned Megan Ivy that he was an asshole, ensuring any behavior toward her is totally fine, because that’s just who he is.


“He told me straight up that he’s a total asshole, so now every time he’s an asshole, I really can’t get upset about it,” explains Ivy. “It’s just like, wow, how could I have gotten so lucky as to find a man that would tell me that he was going to mistreat me ahead of time like that?”


This courteous act is maybe the only decent thing Redman has done since dating Ivy.


Some of the behaviors Redman warned about upfront include keeping the parameters of the relationship intentionally vague, being a serial dater with many hurt exes, gaslighting even though he’s not exactly sure what gaslighting is, and promising to do the dishes but then getting mad if you don’t do them. But since he warned her about those things, it’s fine.


“Most guys don’t want to admit they suck, but not Dustin,” says Ivy. “It was so nice of him to warn me. He’s thoughtful in that way. Not in any other way, but he’s thoughtful in that way.”


When asked to comment, Redman explained that he “actually told her day one that I just was a bad person, but I’m trying to be better, but it’s my own journey, so back off. But I bet if I am being a jerk, there’s a reason, like she’s being clingy or something.”



Friends seem unconvinced that Redman’s behavior is okay.


“This guy is bad news,” says Ivy’s roommate Gina Garcia. “If a murderer says, ‘Hey, I’m going to murder you,’ does that make it okay? Megan needs to dump this guy.”


When asked what Ivy would do if he ever changed into the person he claims to want to be, she scoffed.


“That would be great, I guess, but it would definitely turn me off. I don’t date liars.”