Man Attempts to Rebel Against Tolerant, Liberal Parents by Having a Black Girlfriend

Local rebel Isaac Walther decided to really stick it to his tolerant parents by dating his girlfriend, Maura Wilson, who is black. His parents, who met at a civil rights protest in the 70s, are seemingly unfazed by this news.


“I’m in love with a black woman,” Mr. Walther said. “And my mom and dad are just gonna have to deal with that.”


“We’re not sure why he thinks we’d be upset with him for dating a black woman,” said Isaac’s mother, Jill Walther, while reading a book by Zadie Smith. “We’re really happy for him, and Maura is such a sweetheart.”


“He’s grown up around plenty of people of color,” added his father Blake, a mentor for inner-city youth. “His godfather is my roommate from college, and he’s black. I don’t know why he feels like this is an act of rebellion.”


Isaac’s girlfriend, Maura Wilson, has expressed similar confusion and discomfort at Isaac’s insistence on making their relationship a point of contention with his parents.


“They seem totally fine with me dating their son,” Maura explained. “Both of them seem to actively know about and discuss racial politics pretty openly around the house. It feels like Isaac is the only one being weird about this.”


Still, Isaac is going out of his way to make sure that his parents, who each voted for Obama both times, know that he doesn’t care what they think of him dating out of his race.


“There’s nothing either of my folks could say that would break up my interracial relationship,” Isaac said. “I know it shakes up their lily-white world knowing that I have a black girlfriend, but that’s just their prejudice showing.”


“We honestly don’t have an issue with it,” his father interrupted.