Aww! This Female Dog and Male Duck Are Best Friends but Nothing More Because She Values Their Friendship

She’s a seven-year-old golden retriever; he’s an eight-year-old Peking duck. And as unlikely as it sounds, the two of them are the best of friends, but that’s it. A dog and a duck can just be friends, you know. Friendship is important too.


Despite having several dogs and ducks over the years, owner Susan Blazek has never seen a pair like Bella and Waddles.


“They’re inseparable. They walk with each other. They eat with each other. They sleep with each other,” said Blazek, adding, “I mean that they sleep in the same bed. But not like … you know. It’s not like that.”


Waddles has been following Bella around since the day she arrived. “I remember looking out my kitchen window and there he was, chasing after her in the yard. Picking leaves out of her fur. Bringing her food,” Blazek said. “He probably came on a little strong, but I think she likes the attention.”


“Before I adopted Bella, Waddles had tried hanging out with a bunch of the hens but they weren’t interested,” adds Blazek. “He followed around my mare, Duchess, for awhile, but again, she really didn’t want to complicate things since they live on the same farm and all.”



Luckily for Waddles, Bella seems to enjoy his company well enough. “Sometimes Bella will bat him around a bit, but he doesn’t seem to mind much,” said Blazek. “I think he’s still surprised she lets him hang around at all.”


When asked if she thought their friendship could ever turn into anything more, Blazek was hesitant to answer. “Listen, Bella loves Waddles,” said Blazek, “She just doesn’t need anything more than a good friend right now. He’s like a brother to her.”


“And it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with his weird, corkscrew dick.”