Maid of Honor’s Speech Starting To Sound Really Braggy

Destroy Friendship

In spite of a strong opening, attendees at the wedding of Brian and Tiffany have begun to realize that maid of honor Jenna Petroff’s speech is starting to sound really braggy.


During the speech that “seems to be all about her” according to one attendee, Petroff shared some of her favorite memories with the bride, and reminded everyone she was the bride’s best friend and “not even from childhood, like recent. Like she chose me over a ton of other people.”


“Honestly it’s making us all feel weird,” says a friend of the groom. “Like, are we all supposed to clap for her now?”


Jenna repeatedly pointed out that being chosen over all of the other women in Tiffany’s life to be the maid of honor is a huge honor. “I feel so touched to be selected over literally any woman she has ever been close with,” Jenna said. “Even over her sister. Hi, Beth!”



“I thought that was completely unnecessary,” Beth says. “I already have a complex about this.”


Jenna also managed to share that she graduated magna cum laude, won a promotion last year, and taught the bride to “hone impeccable taste” in spite of her own busy schedule.


While this seemed like a perfect transition into talking about the groom, Brian, Jenna proceeded to list her five best qualities in order of importance and plugged her LinkedIn page for anyone who wanted to endorse her after the speech, which left many wedding attendees puzzled.


“At a certain point I just stopped paying attention,” father of the bride, Gary explains. “What was the speech even about?”


The conclusion of the speech wound up being a detailed layout of Jenna’s five-year plan that includes eating “clean greens” and “helping more people like Tiffany.” She forewent the typical toast, explaining that she didn’t want to “talk down” to her audience by doing the obvious.