Loafers or Boat Shoes: What Will Your Future Husband Wear?

Boat Shoes

Everyone knows that any man wearing boat shoes or loafers is marriage material, but knowing which classic shoe is on the foot of your future sole-mate? Boat shoes and loafers both say ‘money’, ‘safety’, and ‘not designed for running’. but here’s how to know which one is your perfect match: Do you imagine yourself vacationing at your in-laws’ lake house, or at the Lakeview Country Club?


Boat Shoes


If you chose the lake house, than you’re a boat-shoe woman. Congratulations! You’re looking for a wealthy, smart, casually sporty man to share your life with. If you’re interested in a more rugged playboy, look for all-leather Topsiders. If you like your rich man to have a sensitive side, scan the room for suede. And if you’re determined to find a family man (who isn’t?), then keep those paternal peepers peeled for multi-colored or patterned boat shoe styles.



If you opted for the country club, then you’re on Team Loafer. Cheers! You prefer the sophisticated executive type of wealthy partner. If you want the all-business breadwinner hubby, look for loafers with medium to large buckles, any color. If you desire some semblance of a sex life in your financially secure marriage, sniff out the more rare but intriguing animal skin styles. And if you’re searching for the more classic, wealthy gentleman, the husband who will never forget to buy you something for your anniversary, seek out the time-honored, polished leather look.
Finding “The One” is like finding the perfect pair of shoes: a little overwhelming at times, but worth the effort. Keep your chin up, and your eyes down!