Is He Eye-Photoshopping You?


If you’ve recently locked eyes with a hottie in a crowded bar, he may have mentally given you a few minor adjustments. By the time you were done exchanging that steamy look, you had double D’s and a thigh gap the size of a tire in the magazine cover of his mind. That’s right, ladies: it just takes a few unrealistic expectations and some graphic design knowledge for him to be eye-Photoshopping you from across the room.

Next time you catch a cutie’s eye, just remember that he could be clone stamping you into the shape of his better half. Or, he could be just another jerk trying to magic eraser off your dress straps. Notice him staring at your hair? He’s fantasizing about removing those pesky flyaways. So many men have been trained to see women as ethereal, flawless creatures that he may be adding a transparent layer and reducing your opacity to 75%.
Be careful of these men. Don’t initiate conversation, or you’ll be giving him an opportunity to subtly lift your chin and remove your under-eye circles.