Jenna Seeking A Yoga Buddy To Immediately Flake Out On

Salt Lake City resident Jenna Farley made headlines this week after news of her unusual search went viral. The 25-year-old is seeking a “buddy” who can match her excitement about the purported health benefits of regularly attending yoga classes, while accepting that she will not actually go to a single class.


“My muscles feel super tight,” says Farley. “I know I’d benefit from the soothing release that comes from backing out of something last-minute.”


“Jenna is a firm believer in that whole ‘It’s the thought that counts’ thing, but it doesn’t count if it’s immediately followed by another thought about canceling that first thought,” explains coworker Sara. “She tried to get us all to sign a card for Candice once,” says Sara, “but then she made me buy the card because she called in sick.”


Farley has been looking for a new form of exercise to supplement her bimonthly visit to the gym. Yoga seems to be the best option, but she realizes that roping in a buddy would show friends how committed she is to canceling on the practice.



Farley has already gotten a few responses to her Facebook post— mostly from friends who don’t know her very well. “This one girl who lives across town said she would travel all the way to my neighborhood for classes, which is so sweet. I’m sure she won’t mind going to them solo if it comes to that.”


Farley has an erratic schedule, and she gets period cramps “all the time”, which can keep her bedridden exactly during the hours of most yoga classes.


“Realistically, I don’t know that I ever will end up going to a yoga class,” admits Farley, who is narrowing down the respondents to her post. “But that’s not going to stop me from letting down as many people as possible.”