Is Your Boyfriend Too Supportive?

All your girlfriends are having fun complaining about the jerks they’re dating, and you’re feeling left out. Complaining about your emotionally distant partner is a fun, distracting hobby, but you have nothing to add–is it because your boyfriend is too supportive? Dating a man who is too supportive can often lead to boring, healthy, loving relationships, which are a total bonerkill that nobody wants to hear about. Ask yourself these questions before you find yourself high on the pedestal of some creepy, gross nice guy:


Does he help you out too much with your job?
If your boyfriend is too supportive, you’re probably familiar with this scenario: he listens eagerly to your work anxieties while he brainstorms ideas to help you overcome those conundrums. Worse yet, he attends work functions and praises you for your successes. If this is you, we don’t think we have to tell you, but your boyfriend is WAY too supportive. I mean, what’s his effing deal? What does he get out of this? Enough, man!


Does he listen too much when you’re a crying, scared mess?
If you’ve got a crazy-supportive guy, you know what we’re talking about: You just broke down and are crying about something you’re scared about, and he’s patiently listening, and saying, “Baby, I love you so much, everything is going to be fine.” I mean, that’s nice and everything, but is this what this guy thinks “love” is? CREEPY, amiright?


Does he surprise you too often with sweet gifts to show he cares?
Wow, he secretly bought you that book you said you wanted at the bookstore one time! And he surprised you with hot chocolate! And he texted you a meme compilation that made you laugh out loud when you were feeling so bummed! If this is your life: RUN. This is bat-shit insane crazy bullshit. I mean, a book is one thing, but hot chocolate? You don’t deserve it! When does the madness end?!



Does he express too much worry about your stress levels?
“Baby, you really need to take a break, let’s plan a long weekend… Oh, you’re seeing your friends that weekend? How about the next?” If that sounds like your boyfriend, suffice it to say: What the hell? You’ve got a supportive boyfriend on your hands. I mean, why does he even care about you so much?? Most guys don’t care this much, and it’s normal. He’s so sweet and it’s messing with your head.


If you answered, “yes” to any or all of these questions, your boyfriend IS too supportive, and you should definitely be questioning this relationship. Run for your life!