Is He Going to Pop the Question or Fall for His Beautiful Best Friend Who Was There the Whole Time?

Things are getting serious with your man, and it seems like you might be headed in the direction of long-term commitment. You’ve even managed to remain fairly chill about his effortlessly gorgeous best friend from college who’s been there through all his past relationships and is named something cool like Kaya. So is he going to pop the question or fall for his beautiful best friend who was there the whole time? Take this quiz to find out!


Have you talked about marriage?

a.) Yes. He’s told me on multiple occasions that he wants me in his life forever.

b.) Once at a party his old friend drunkenly told me that he and Kaya had a marriage pact in college and everyone always thought they’d end up together.


Are you close with his family?

a.) Yes. I’ll even spend time with his mom one-on-one when she’s in town.

b.) We’re civil, but it’s a little strained. Kaya, however, has spent multiple holidays with them and is fiercely beloved by his sisters.



Has he purchased a ring?

a.) I think so! I found a ring box in his nightstand but I haven’t said anything!

b.) Yes. He went ring shopping for me with Kaya so she could try them on. As he went to put one on her finger, he made a joke about proposing, and they laughed together, but they stopped laughing when the ring slid into place. His hand lingered and their eyes met for a moment before she quickly looked away. “It’s good. I think she’ll love it,” she said, barely able to disguise the pain in her voice.



Mostly A’s: He’s going to pop the question! All signs point toward a proposal. Congratulations, lovebirds!

Mostly B’s: He’s going to fall for his beautiful best friend who was there the whole time. Sorry, but Kaya was there before you and she’ll be there after you. Honestly, you should be happy for them. They’re beautiful, and you were literally the only thing standing in the way of their happiness!