I Don’t Want to Date my Ex Again, I Just Want Him to Stay Celibate for the Rest of His Life

My ex Brian and I have been broken up for a few months. It was a difficult breakup, but I’m coping. And after months of therapy, introspection, and taking inventory on what really matters to me, I can honestly say that I’ve made peace with the whole thing. I’m truly over him! Like 100%. But while I have no interest in dating my ex again, I do need him to not date anyone else ever again and remain celibate for the rest of his life.


Going through a breakup can be hard, I know that firsthand. But sometimes, people end their relationship not because one of them cheated or did something horrible, but simply because it’s just not working out. In that case, there’s no reason why the two parties involved can’t remain civil and wish each other the best. That’s what happened with me and Brian and why I hold no ill will toward him at all. In fact, I hope we can be friends one day. And I think we can, as long as he doesn’t kiss, date, or have sex with anyone else for the remainder of his time on earth.


Even though I’m in the aftermath of a breakup, I’m loving the freedom that is coming along with it. I can live my day-to-day life without having to take another person’s emotions into consideration. I can spend time doing what I wanna do without factoring in time to spend with my partner. I can even go on as many dates as I’d like with whomever I’d like. And I hope my ex is enjoying the same freedoms, except for that last one. I’d prefer if he never looked at another woman with even a hint of romantic interest or lust ever again, until either he or I die, whichever happens first. That just seems fair.



I am handling this breakup well!


Becoming myself again in the ruins of my ended relationship has given me a new lease on life. I feel empowered by the fact that I built myself back up and pulled myself out of the deep depression that can follow a breakup. I’m really proud of me. And I’m really proud of my ex, who deserves to be happy too. And even though our romantic relationship is a thing of the past that will never happen again, I do love Brian dearly. And I hope he still has love for me too, enough so that he understands that I expect him to dutifully refrain from any physical contact with any woman who is not me (and, to reiterate, it will not be me), vowing not to even nudge at the idea that he has a sexual desire or romantic feeling toward, for the foreseeable future and beyond. And I do mean beyond. He has to have a sexless afterlife too, or it’s just rude.