If Women Aren’t Funny, Then Why Did I Just Leave A Huge Poop On Ryan’s Desk?

Let’s settle this tiresome debate once and for all: Women ARE funny. Want proof? Phyllis Diller. Wanda Sykes. I just took a big ol’ dump on Ryan’s desk.


Any questions?


This morning, I overheard our project manager, Ryan, explain to our coworker, Patrick, how Sheila from marketing is NOT funny. “She thinks she’s so funny by just leaving this packet on my desk with a sticky note with a smiley face doodled on it. Now I need to proofread the whole thing before the weekend on top of all of the work Brenda gave me,” he said in a judgmental tone.


By the way, I’m Brenda.


For some reason, the idea that women aren’t funny has always been a topic of debate. From Sarah Silverman to Tina Fey to Anna from Disney’s Frozen, it’s been proven time and time again that women CAN be funny – and yet NO man wants to believe it! Why do men still think this way? I know one thing that will change their minds – the poop that is currently cooling on Ryan’s desk.



“Hello! Haven’t you seen Bridesmaids?,” I said to myself, while marching toward Chipotle. “Maybe the problem is that the jokes he hears women tell are too sophisticated for his tiny man brain!” That’s when I thought about pooping on his desk.


After seeing what amazing women are doing in film and TV today, I challenge ANY man to call women unfunny after I have pooped on Ryan’s desk. They’ll have no choice but to say, “You know what, Brenda? You’re right.”


So I snuck into Ryan’s cubicle, and spotted the sticky note with the smile and planted a wet, moist log of a poop on top. Now, does anybody have anything to say about women not being funny? Didn’t think so. After all, they have to be on the right side of history.


I love women. I love comedy.