I LIVED IT: Nobody Matched My Freak

I Lived it:

When Tinashe released her new single “Nasty” in which she repeatedly asks, “Is somebody gonna match my freak?” I was inspired, to say the least. For the first time in my life, I realized that I had never actively searched for an equal match to my freak, and I was determined to find that person out there, whoever they were. However, I was unfortunately unprepared for absolutely no one being able to match my freak.


I guess no one’s gonna match my nasty after all.


I searched high and low across multiple cities around the country for someone with a good technique, someone who would simply do it too good and would lead me to get attached, but unfortunately, not a single soul met my freakification standards.


Personally, I’ve been a nasty girl, and I never thought that I would have a problem finding someone with a similar energy because, frankly, I’ve got stamina like an athlete, and who wouldn’t want to spend the night with someone like that? 



After screaming “Is somebody gonna match my freak?” around the country, whether it be on sidewalks, in clubs, and even in line at the grocery store, the closest freak-match I found during my countywide search was a man in Brooklyn, NY. We met at a party that was pretty boring with no vibe, so we decided to leave. He gave me a ride to my apartment, and we had the time of our lives — I really thought I had finally found who I had been searching for, but after he stayed at my place for a week and I offered to let him pay my lease, he said that he “couldn’t really afford it right now.” 


What the fuck? I thought he could keep up with me, but I guess no one in this godforsaken world can.


While I’m currently taking a much-needed break from searching for somebody to match my freak, I’m still not giving up. Sure, I’m disappointed with my results, but I would be disappointing Tinashe if I gave up now. I know my freak is out there somewhere, and I won’t stop asking around until I find them, no matter how many conversations I interrupt or car accidents I cause by doing so.