I LIVED IT: My Top Surgeon Refused to Replace My Nipples With Ferrero Rocher

I Lived it:

I had been planning for my top surgery for years – finding the right surgeon, the appropriate method, and saving up the funds was a huge undertaking, and I was so excited to finally get it done. But to my surprise and shock, my surgeon absolutely refused to replace my nipples with Ferrero Rocher chocolates?


Um, how am I supposed to feel confident in my body now?


When my surgeon was describing the procedure to me, I noticed that he didn’t say anything about replacing my nipples with delicious chocolate treats with a crispy outer layer, which was confusing, because it’s I couldn’t imagine my gender being affirmed without them.


“What about the part where my nips get turned into hazelnut chocolate delicacies?” I asked him. “Did you forget about that part, doc?”


It was at that moment that I realized Dr. Davis had no idea what I was talking about, and that this was not the surgery I had once hoped it to be.


My surgeon told me that replacing my nipples with Ferrero Rocher would be “unsanitary”, and that “the chocolate would melt off almost immediately, causing a severe infection at the site.”


That’s when I realized medical gatekeeping had truly reached new heights.


My doctor did offer that some patients choose to forgo nipple graphs altogether, and have nipples tattooed on later or just do without. I don’t know why he told me this, because it has fucking nothing to do with scrumptious Ferrero Rochers being surgically attached as my nops.


Don’t tell me the science isn’t there! We sent a dog to space (that died? Whatever).


After having the surgery and seeing my boring normal-looking nipples instead of two matching Ferrero Rochers, I must say that I’m severely disappointed with the “board certified” surgeon’s work.



At this point in time, I’m still trying to find a surgeon to fulfill my wish of getting my dumb nipples replaced with Ferrero Rocher, but it’s been a difficult journey


If anyone knows of a good chocolate-friendly surgeon who isn’t a coward, please let me know!