I LIVED IT: My Maxi Skirt Didn’t Absorb My Period Blood

I Lived it:


Maxi skirts are one of the biggest trends to come out of this spring, and I knew I had to join in on the fun. I’m always on the hunt for new period products, and what better way to soak up my uterine lining than wearing a piece of clothing that will do it for me while I wear it just about anywhere? Well, I was in for a rude awakening, because my maxi skirt didn’t absorb my period blood at all.


How is that not false advertising?


When I received the white maxi skirt I bought online, I quickly tried it on and discovered that it looked amazing! I was so excited to incorporate it into my wardrobe, especially while I was on my period. But when I went outside to start my day, that’s when my whole perspective of the product shifted.


Obviously, I left all of my pads and tampons at home, positive that my maxi skirt was going to take care of my monthly flow for me. I’ll admit that when I first put the skirt on, I noticed that the fabric didn’t seem to be made out of moisture-wicking fabric like period underwear is, but I just figured that the technology had gotten more advanced.


I guess I’ll never put my faith in science ever again!


While I was unknowingly bleeding through my maxi skirt, I had gone all over town to get groceries, go to the bank, and even meet up with an ex for coffee to flaunt my new, cool style, so sure that it was absorbing all of my blood the whole time. But honestly, how was I supposed to know the skirt wasn’t for your period? Instead of a “maxi skirt,” the fashion industry should have called it something else, like, “a really long skirt” or “the opposite of a mini skirt” or “jeans with one big leg hole instead of two.”



The worst part of it all? I can’t even return it!


If there’s anyone out there who wants to dip their toe into this hot new trend, I’d strongly urge you to learn all the facts. No one told me that this skirt wasn’t basically a huge extension of a maxi pad, and because of that, I went in totally blind. But you heard it here first: this skirt is strictly for looking cute and struggling to walk upstairs ONLY.