I LIVED IT: I Forgot About Scarves This Winter

I Lived it:

This winter was extremely cold, and trust me, I was prepared! I took every precaution in the book: I bought a heavier moisturizer, stocked up on beanies, and pulled my puffy North Face jacket out of storage. Then, as winter ended and the sun slowly but surely emerged, I made an appalling realization: I up and forgot about scarves this year.


How the hell did this happen??


I think I know how it started. I made a pact with myself at the beginning of winter that I would spend less money on clothes and stick to the staples I’ve collected over the years that have always gotten me through. Somehow I guess I actually followed through with that and didn’t buy any scarves? On top of that, I didn’t have any scarves from last year because I always lose them. But that’s beside the point as I am now dealing with a travesty of epic proportion.


It seems impossible, but, alas, here I am at the end of winter having totally forgotten that scarves are a thing. What a nightmare.


My friends have tried to reassure me that it’s not a big deal. They say I can just wear scarves next year. I appreciate their kindness in the face of tragedy, but I’m not going to let myself off the hook that easily. They’re telling me not to spend energy blaming myself for this mistake, but honestly, I can’t get over this that quickly. What transpired that allowed me to completely forget scarves exist? I don’t even think I wore a shawl?? It makes me shudder just thinking about it.


I shudder, yet still, I do not reach for a scarf!


Last week, I hit rock bottom. My friend Vicky posted a #tbt photo of her making a snow angel wearing a gorgeous grey knit scarf. I burst into tears and lashed out at her, calling her out publicly for being inconsiderate. She was dangling her scarf in my face! Sorry, Vicky, but life’s not as easy for other people – particularly those people who kept scarves out of sight and out of mind for the entirety of winter.



I wore turtlenecks and hoodies instead – why would she rub that in my face??


If I could go back in time, I would. I’d wear a scarf every day to show people that I freaking adore scarves. To all the women out there, let this be a cautionary tale. Before next winter, take a moment to remember: scarves.