How I Use Movement to Show Everyone in This Coffee Shop That I Teach Yoga

When you practice yoga daily, the benefits are far more than just a fit body and a quiet, peaceful mind. In fact, the tenets of yoga can be applied to every single aspect of your life. I would know – I’m a yoga teacher! No matter where I am, I am guided by the principles of yoga, which is why it’s important that I let everyone know it. Here’s how I use movement to show everyone in this coffee shop that I teach yoga.


I stay visibly present in my body.

It’s important to listen to your body. Sometimes it will tell you that it needs to move and stretch, and you can do that no matter where you are. Like right now I’m in line at this coffee shop, so I’m taking three deep ujjayi breaths and doing a quick tree pose. This makes me feel more connected to my body and it makes everyone around me know I’m a fitness professional who is also deeply connected to the spiritual realm!


I seek balance, specifically by the condiments station.

It takes consistent work to find balance not only in your yoga practice but also in your life. I always make sure that no matter where I am, I’m moving with speed and agility. For example, when I flit from the pick-up station to the condiments bar at this coffee shop, I do so with my feet firmly planted on the ground. And if I drop a Splenda packet on the floor, I bend down to grab it, then roll up slowly, vertabrae by vertabrae. This way, I’m gently warming up my spine, while letting all the people putting milk in their coffee know that I teach yoga Monday through Friday at the Crunch Gym down the street. I offer convenient morning and evening classes!



I sit mindfully and breathe extremely loudly.

The practice of mindfulness should extend from the studio to the rest of your day, which is why I’m currently taking up too much space at this four person cafe table so I can breathe in and out audibly while doing a modified seated sun salutation. Yes, I’m annoying all the people who need a place to sit, but I’m a yoga teacher! And I need everyone to know that!


Here’s how I use my movement to show everyone in this busy coffee shop that yeah, I teach yoga and it’s pretty much my entire identity. To all the young women out there who want to get more in touch with yourselves, come take my class at 5:45 tonight and not Rebecca C’s class that is also on the schedule!!