I Am Resisting Trump The Only Way I Know How: By Releasing Doves Into the Subway

The Trump Presidency is testing us as a people, and we must find every way to resist. Some may take to the streets and protest. Others may get involved in their local government. And still others may make donations to organizations they believe in.


But I am going to resist Trump the only way I know how: by releasing a flock of doves into a crowded subway.


You see, I am an artist, and as such, the ways in which I rebel against our demagogue are not traditional. They are cathartic, or, as some say, “ineffective.” So while my friends may find it empowering to call their Senators about threats to Muslims and other immigrants in America, I find it equally if not more powerful to release four dozen well trained birds into the Washington Metro during rush hour. Can you imagine a stronger symbol of resistance? To see doves, beauteous signs of peace, fluttering freely beneath the heavy soil of our Capitol? It signifies that we, as a people, will continue to flutter freely beneath the oppressive structures of the Trump Presidency (get it?).


And though it was expensive, time-consuming, and a lot of doves to organize, I was happy to show up and do the figurative work for my brothers and sisters in need. Also this is all I know how to do.


By the time Rex Tillerson got confirmed, I was so burnt out from shellacking picture frames of hopeful imagery, I almost gave up. But I couldn’t. So I slowly crawled out from my comfort zone, marched into the streets, and while my neighbors were at a town hall meeting, I painted the words “no hate” in small, beautiful cursive lettering, on the side of the building. It was my most challenging and most necessary act of resistance, but I knew it could inspire generations of people throwing away trash in the dumpster beneath it to stop having hate. It felt amazing to make an impact, and I have to emphasize this again: I literally don’t know any other way to do this.



But when I heard tell of the government defunding safe access to abortions, I was beside myself with grief. So, while my roommate was out of earshot at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser, I did the only thing I could: I whispered poems into my tea bag. I then drank the tea, to really let my dreams for womankind seep into my body in order to truly enact change. I’ll admit it was hard at first; I fumbled through the poems and sometimes even used a script before whispering them. The doves were making a real mess in the living room while I practiced. But I continued and will continue to whisper into my teabags every single day because it is important, and a skill that I need to sharpen under this regime. (I’m telling you this now so you can hold me accountable and make me buy more tea if I need to!)


So, if you’re like me and want to stay vigilant against our fascist leader, I recommend you reach inside yourself and ask: are you really doing all you can to symbolically resist Trump? Are you putting in the hours, the research, and the glitter glue? If your answer is no, then maybe consider making the time. If your answer is yes, right on! I’ll see you at Teavana.