How to Save Money Without Giving Up Boxed Water

Cutting back on luxuries to save money can be challenging, especially when your boxed water is at stake. While bottled water is a wasteful indulgence, boxed water makes your carbon footprint smaller and makes you feel rich, which is really important to you. Here’s how you can still afford boxed water by cutting back on these other things you enjoy:


Cut Out Going Out for Coffee

Spending $3.50 on a latte every day can really add up! Why not save that money you could be spending on your daily java habit and spend it on boxed water instead? Just march right out of your house where the faucets and reusable plastic water bottles live, and right past your local coffee shop. Instead, try making your own coffee at home and putting it in your empty boxed water containers. Win-win!


Budget According to Your Priorities

What expenditures are the most important in your life? Is your car insurance really that much more important than drinking reverse osmosis water from a milk carton? As the saying goes, “Boxed water is better and I’ll just drive more carefully from now on!”


Pay Yourself First

Set aside the money you need for your savings, bills and your monthly boxed water allotment. The leftover money is what you have for the rest of your budget for more frivolous things, like food and gas and healthcare. This way you won’t have to think about anything, except how long you can make your boxed water allotment last ‘til next Thursday.



Use Cash

Credit cards make it easy to spend money without thinking, so switch to cash instead. This way, when you’re at Whole Foods, it’ll feel more real that you just spent $39 on a case of water that comes in a box. Drink up!


Try to Get Things for Free

With a little research, there are lots of things you can actually get for free! Just like water, you can actually find some expensive items are literally on tap. Like water! Sounds crazy, but it can totally help you afford more boxed water!


Remember, if you can’t afford your actual water bill, you can always use all that boxed water you bought. It has fewer chemicals, anyway!