How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You About the Color of Your Aura

We’ve all been there: You’re posting the “What Color Is Your Aura?” quiz result to Facebook when, out of nowhere, your friend from high school blows up your notifications with, “No, I disagree. Your aura is green.” Then, the next day at the office a co-worker sidles up to you and says that your aura is totally yellow. Are people lying to you about the color of your aura? And if so, who? Here’s how to tell who the aura-seeing liars are:


They make too much or too little eye contact.

People who lie will often make too much eye contact or avoid eye contact altogether. This is a dead giveaway that they aren’t actually taking in the electro-magnetic halo that makes up your true aura and are probably lying to seem more knowledgeable about the vibrations of the universe.


They can’t identify other people’s auras correctly.

Another way to tell if someone is lying about auras is by opening your own inner eye to the auras around you. If you can clearly see that Cheryl’s aura is red, you might try asking the alleged aura-seer to identify Cheryl’s aura. You can even say something like, “Hmm… I’m getting a lot of blue from Cheryl,” and see if your friend corrects you. Some might call this a ‘gotcha’ method, but you deserve the truth about your aura!



They provide too much information.

If your friend is going on and on about the unique color of your aura, she’s probably lying. Beware of overly descriptive colors or adjectives like taupe, maroon, peridot, buzzy or kinetic.


They try to show you a photograph of your aura.

Everyone knows aura photography is FAKE and TOTALLY BOGUS—cameras project light around human bodies, which creates the illusion of an aura but NOT AN ACTUAL AURA. These photos are LIES! The only real ways to see auras is intuitively!


The world is full of charlatans trying to gain your trust by telling you what color your aura is, but if you stay keen-eyed, they’ll show their true colors soon enough. Stay woke!