How To Tell If Your Scale Has Been Lying To You

Trust is the most important element in any relationship, but especially when it comes to a woman and her scale. You depend on your scale to support you, both physically and emotionally. Then the day comes where you come to your scale in a moment of crisis, and you can just tell in your gut that your scale is being dishonest. Here are some behavioral clues to watch out for in your significant object:


It hesitates.

After you ask your scale that vital question, stare intently into its digital face. If it flickers for a moment before giving you an answer, that’s a clear sign. Confident, honest scales don’t have to worry about what they say before they say it. Don’t let it get away with such betrayal. How dare it treat you like this after all the attention you’ve given it this year?!


It just shuts down.

Some scales have trouble handling confrontation. If, when asked a tough question, your scale just shuts off and refuses to answer, you can be sure something is up. This is the moment to start worrying about your future together. Just don’t let it walk all over you; that’s your job.



It changes the subject.

You are just trying to get a little information, but suddenly your scale wants to switch and start talking about kilograms instead of pounds. Huh?! Has it been cheating on you with slim little Swedish chicks? Tell it you’ll give it one more chance to be honest with absolutely no consequences, because that tactic is effective.


It tells a completely different story from last week.

Here’s the real tell! Last time the two of you had this difficult discussion, your scale said, “136” and just now, to your face, it says, “145.” The details are just not lining up. Tell it to look at you, look directly into your eyes and say, “145” ONE MORE TIME.


Even though it may feel like you couldn’t live without seeing it every day, remember that it is an option to break things off. You might decide you’re better off without a scale in your life, constantly criticizing you, pointing out every time you change even a little bit. It’s okay to change and grow, that’s what people do; we’re not scales! Scales don’t even hug. So break it off now, and when people ask why you look so rough, just tell them you just aren’t seeing a scale right now.