5 Laptop Decals That Make People In the Café Want to Talk to You

These days, cool people spend a lot of time working on their laptops in coffee shops. Whether they’re working on their screenplays, Tumblblogging, or applying to paralegal jobs, they sure do look busy! Stickers on the back of your computer is a great way to express your interests and represent yourself as a cool person who has a life outside her computer so other people will want to talk to you.


It’s a super convenient way to attract guys—all you have to do is sit there, go about your business with your interests plastered on the back of your computer, giving them an easy opportunity to start a conversation.


  1. The “Something Playing with the Mac Apple”

If you have the privilege of working on a Macintosh computer, play up the illuminated apple with a sticker incorporating it into a picture. Turn it not into just Steve Jobs’ apple, but Snow White’s! It portrays a sense of fun and whimsy, almost compensating for the fact that you gave thousands of dollars to the corporate behemoth that is Apple.il_570xN.648419341_7f8l


  1. The Famous Painting Decal

Like your college dorm room, decorate your computer with a copy of a painting that you pretend to understand. It’s pleasing to the eye, and gives off an air of sophistication. “Starry Night” is so dope, he’ll want to Vincent van “Gogh” right up to you! Starry Night


3. The College Insignia

If writing in a café doesn’t sufficiently say, “I have a liberal arts degree,” represent your alma mater by putting the same college sticker your mom proudly displays on the back of her car right onto your laptop.

 College Illinois


  1. Something with a Mustache on It

You’re already working on your writing in a non-corporate chain coffee house, and nothing says you’re “with it” quite like a mustache sticker. It seems like these days it’s all about the mustache on the face (ONLY ON MEN) and that curly cartoon mustache picture is on every surface possible.Moustache


  1. “Hello My Name Is” Sticker

Nothing says “Hello, my name is Josie” like a “Hello My Name Is” sticker. This one is as playful as it is practical. Staples products are totally normcore, so having the label on the back of your computer shows that you’re cool and will quite literally tell him what your name is. If you’re feeling edgy, try it in Spanish!

Hello My Name Is 

Express yourself and show people what you’re all about in a way that makes them think you’re cool!