How to Still Be a Harry Potter Adult Despite Literally Everything

With the deplorable beliefs and actions of J.K. Rowling coming to light years after the peak of the Harry Potter craze, many grown adults who identify themselves by Hogwarts house are wondering how to still be as passionate about their favorite cult children’s book series when the author is a total bigot. If you’re wondering how to still love the Harry Potter series at your big age, then keep reading for how to do it even though the author is racist and transphobic and you’re literally 30 years old!


Acknowledge everything wrong with J.K. Rowling every time you praise her work.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a widely popular book series, but each time you feel the need to commend it, preface with the fact that J.K. Rowling is a proud trans-exclusionary radical feminist and that she named an Asian character Cho Chang, which is literally just two surnames pushed together and is likely something she thought up one day and decided to print into millions of book copies. You can still go ahead and applaud the series though, just as long as you still have the energy after mentioning all the other bad things too. Don’t forget the antisemitic bank goblins!


Follow the careers of the lead actors instead.

Just because you’re way too old to be obsessed with Harry Potter, especially since the author is racist and a TERF, that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the careers of the lead actors in the Harry Potter movies instead! You may not know this since all you’ve watched is Harry Potter marathons since 2011, but all of the top-billed actors from the adapted films are now successful indie darlings, many of whom have distanced themselves from Rowling, with Daniel Radcliffe acting in films like Swiss Army Man and the upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic, and Emma Watson starring in The Bling Ring. Why not move on from these movies made for children and watch these adult films instead? Just an idea!



Get rid of as much Harry Potter merch as you can.

Objects hold meaning, which is why you’ll need to get rid of all of your Harry Potter paraphernalia. However, if you can’t stomach getting rid of absolutely everything, then maybe just keep one mug, or one Hogwarts scarf. But if you’re not able to remove your golden snitch or deathly hallows tattoo, then you absolutely need to get rid of everything else. Sorry!


Growing up can be hard, especially when your favorite authors turn out to be racist and transphobic, but luckily you can separate yourself from this toxic individual’s work since you’re legally allowed to consume alcohol and vote now! Just follow the steps above, and you’ll be able to escape J.K. Rowling’s death grip in no time. Now, you can finally invest in stocks or read a grown-up book instead!