How to Show Your Friends a Picture of the Guy You’re Seeing Without Giving a Detailed Explanation of Why He’s Hot

At the beginning of any relationship, your friends’ approval is of utmost importance. It can be nerve-wracking to show them a picture of the guy you’re seeing, and even more difficult to suppress your natural urge to explain, in detail, why he’s objectively super hot. If you’ve delayed this step for as long as possible, here’s how you can show them while keeping the “I swear he’s hotter in person!” to an absolute minimum.


Remind yourself that you like him, and that’s all that matters.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether or not your friends think your new man is hot. You find him attractive – for reasons that nobody really understands – and that’s what’s important! Will it bother you that the picture you end up showing your friends doesn’t really do his jawline justice? Of course! But you don’t need to explain yourself. Eventually, your friends will meet him in person and see for themselves that his jawline isn’t completely nonexistent, it’s simply weak and undefined! So rest easy!




Remember that it’s not all about looks.

Okay, maybe your guy’s Instagram is filled with terrible photos of him, which puts you in a tough spot in terms of talking your way out of his apparently not-so-hot appearance. So, refrain from starting down that fruitless path that will ultimately do nothing to change your friends’ opinion on his attractiveness. Instead, focus the conversation instead on other, non-physical things that you like about him (like his passable sense of humor or his extensive knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe).


Choose the picture carefully.

If you still find yourself craving your friends’ validation, choose a picture that masks the aspects of his physical appearance that you’d most want to explain away. Blurry pictures work great for this (if he doesn’t have any of those, download a photo editing app and do it yourself), as do pictures where he’s standing in the back of a big group, or ones where he’s doing something else to distract from his looks (playing lacrosse, wearing a head-to-toe Mickey Mouse costume). Your friends will be so distracted by these other questionable aspects of the photo, they’ll forget to ask if he’s 6’0” (he’s 5’11”, anyways, and that’s close enough, okay?).


That wasn’t so hard, was it? Sure, your friends probably don’t totally understand his appeal, but that’s fine! This will only eat at you for the entire first year of your relationship, or until the stress of not knowing whether or not your friends understand that the guy you’re seeing is actually really hot inevitably destroys the relationship.