How to Stop Watching TV in Bed So Your Body Knows It’s Just for Eating

The body stores all kinds of information about how it should behave based on how you behave in a particular environment, which means that you might want to stop watching TV in bed so that your body knows your bed is strictly a place for eating. Here’s how:


Pick a new place to watch TV.

Obviously, you’re still going to want to stay up-to-date on all your favorite TV shows, but even though it might be difficult to resist lying in bed while flipping through channels, binging a show, or going down a YouTube hole, try to make an effort to watch TV in other places instead. You could watch your shows in the living room, the kitchen, or even at your desk. Just make sure that the only thing you’re using your bed for is eating and leaving crumbs everywhere, and your body will gradually start to understand this, too.



Try sleeping in the living room.

In order to make sure that your body associates your bed with eating and eating only, you may also have to try sleeping in other places, like the living room, or wherever else you might watch TV. It’s best to separate your behaviors by location as much as possible so that your brain and body are always on the same page. This way, you won’t start feeling sleepy when you’re eating in bed, and you can save all that energy for the couch, car, train, or office instead!


Eat all your meals (and snacks) in bed.

This one might be a given, but it’s extremely important to eat every meal and/or snack you have in a day while sitting on your bed in order to train your body to solely associate it with eating. Even if you’re at work or getting lunch with friends, you should still take your meals back home to eat on your mattress, or else you might risk losing precious hours of sleep at night, or even worse, getting a full eight hours of shut-eye there!


So if you’re wondering how to organize your lifestyle better by changing up a few simple habits, limiting how much TV you watch in bed so your body knows it’s just for eating is a fantastic way to start. Also, if you want to go the extra mile, you can start peeing and pooping outside so your body knows that the toilet is only for scrolling on your phone!