How to Respect Your Dad Even Though He’s Basically Your Mom’s Reply Guy

Respect is an elemental component of healthy familial relationships, and it’s important that that respect extends to your father, despite him being…kind of a simp? Here is how to attempt respecting your father even though he is basically your mom’s full-time reply guy.


Remember that he gave you life.

Reply guys are random men who reply to women’s tweets for virtually no reason. While reply guys may not add much to the conversation, they are known for their innocuous persistence in just kind of being around. And who is your dad if not a guy who’s just kind of around your house? If he had stopped replying to your mom at the beginning of their courtship, you wouldn’t be here today. You come from bona fide reply guy seed.


Respect that he’s there for your mom.

When your mom sends your dad to the hardware store on a little errand, that’s him being a reply guy in real life. When your dad is the only one who responds to your mom’s texts in the family group chat? That’s a reply guy straight up saving your ass, because you and your worthless siblings can’t summon the energy to have a reaction to the hydrangeas in the garden.


Celebrate your beta dad.

If the most intense thing your dad ever said to you was, “I agree with your mother,” then odds are you have a beta male father. Considering the alternatives, this is extremely lucky. What if your dad had been confident enough to make terrifying jokes about killing your high school love interests? That would be tragic. Your dad’s job is to echo your mom’s points, be in the background of her selfies, and just keep showing up. Remember when he went to your dance recital? Total reply guy behavior.



So next time you see your dad, tell him, “You’ll never be a Chad. You’re basically just some guy, and it’s crazy that Mom is dating you for life. But I love and respect you.” Here’s to simp-ass dads!