QUIZ: Are You ‘Chaotic’ or Just a Bad Person?

While “chaotic” has become one of the more popular ways people like to describe themselves lately, it’s still important to know if your behavior is indeed chaotic, or if you just lack morals and character altogether. If you’re not totally sure yourself, then take the quiz below to find out if you love being random once in a while or if you’re actually just a nefarious human being!


How do you handle adversity?

  1. I post a pic of me crying on my Instagram story. Lol!!
  2. I make someone else cry and put it on my Instagram story. Lol.


What’s the most chaotic thing you did in high school?

  1. I wore a Big Bird costume on picture day. My mom still hates it to this day!
  2. I bullied someone until they had to change schools – twice. Also, I crashed my friend’s car “for the vine”. I miss Vine.


When people give you criticism, what do they usually say?

  1. I’ve been told that I need to take things more seriously!
  2. I’ve been told that I need to take people’s time, feelings, and physical bodies more seriously in the style of an “intervention”??


How many times have you thrown a glass at someone or something?

  1. Only a few times, but totally by accident! I’m super clumsy :P
  2. Anytime I’ve held a glass.


What’s your favorite chaotic thing to do?

  1. Anything that will make my friends laugh! Love them :)
  2. Anything that will make someone’s life a living nightmare.





Mostly 1s: While some may argue whether or not your behavior is actually “chaotic”, at least you’re definitely not a bad person! Everyone needs a little fun in their lives, and you’re the kinda person who will always deliver. Keep calling yourself chaotic! You’ve earned it.


Mostly 2s: You’re definitely chaotic, but more in a demonic, seven layers of Hell kind of way. That’s right, you’re a bad person! Maybe instead of “chaotic”, try describing yourself as “vindictive” or “a danger to society.” This will make things a lot clearer for everyone involved. You’re welcome!