How To Repeatedly Yell ‘YOU’RE A QUEEN’ At Your Friend Until She’s Empowered

It’s a really difficult time to be a woman right now more than ever. So while we’re all doing our best to thrive in this political hellscape, it’s important to uplift and celebrate the women in your life. But what if you don’t wanna put in the actual work to actually lift up the women around you? Don’t worry! Here’s how to repeatedly yell “YOU’RE A QUEEN” at your friend until she’s empowered!


Start slowly.

If your friend is feeling really low, you’ll have to make sure to empower her bit by bit, so as to not overwhelm her with your bare minimum love and support. Try to start by whispering “you’re a queen” to her up to five times a day, gradually increasing the volume and frequency until you’re shouting her queenliness at her every 15 minutes or so. She’ll be empowered in no time!


Incorporate your other friends.

It can get tiring giving your friend this modicum of validation all by yourself, so make sure you invite other mutual friends to join you! With women from all across her life yelling at her that she’s a QUEEEEEEEN all hours of the day and doing nothing else to find out how they can uplift her with real actions and not just empty words, she’ll be feeling both empowered and surrounded by superficial love and appreciation. You are such good friends!


Get creative.

With you both having jobs and busy lives, it won’t always be feasible for you to actually scream “YOU’RE A QUEEN” at your friend. So get creative! Try sending your friend a text reminding her that she’s a queen, making sure it’s in all caps. That’s basically the same thing! Or, write it on her Facebook wall and include a GIF of one of the Real Housewives nodding and gesturing in approval. You may not be speaking to her directly, but you can be sure that your friend will still feel the queenly vibes you’re sending her!



Preserve your voice.

The constant shouting you’ll be doing to reassure your friend that she’s a queen will take its toll on your voice, so make sure to practice self-care: drink some tea, order some takeout, and connect in person with your close friends. Of course, literally anything else could be more effective at empowering her than just yelling that she’s a queen over and over, but who cares! Rest that voice and just comment on her Instagrams from 2013 with “YOU’RE A QUEEN” until you’re back in the game. YOU hold the key to her empowerment!


Celebrating being a woman is so, so tough in our day and age. With these tips, you can make barely a difference by just screaming at your close friend that she is a QUEEN! Yas, feminism!