Quick Meals For When Your Roommate’s Boyfriend Is In The Kitchen

It can be hard to cook for yourself when you have a busy lifestyle – but making the effort can help you lead a healthier lifestyle that saves money. Unless your roommate’s boyfriend, who never really introduced himself, is standing alone in the kitchen for some reason. If you’re looking to make a quick bite in the place you used to call home, here are some meals you can make in less time than it takes for him to figure out he’s blocking the sink.


Pasta with Quick Meat Sauce

This satisfying crowd-pleaser is ready in 20 minutes or less – just enough time for Rob to ask you what you’re making and say, “That sounds good,” before a long awkward silence. While the pasta cooks, combine ground beef with cinnamon, nutmeg, and red pepper with a can of tomato paste for a robust flavor that will make Rob say, “Smells good.” Don’t worry ­– you’ll be eating this tasty dish alone in your room in no time!


Easy Mac N’ Cheese

If you’re trying to get your kitchen time to three minutes or less, here’s a perfect meal that’s quick, easy, and perfect for not sharing with Rob. Just dump some water and a packet of Easy Mac into a bowl and microwave for three minutes and stir. You may have to dodge Rob and “go to the bathroom” while it’s heating up, but it’s better than experiencing the palpable silence as he watches you prepare a simple meal!


A Lukewarm Hot Pocket

Time is of the essence when it seems like your roommate has just mysteriously abandoned her boyfriend in your common area, but a sort-of half-frozen Hot Pocket is a great way to stave off the hunger pangs from hiding in your bedroom since you got home from work. While a traditional microwave time is 3 minutes and 30 seconds, you can get away with as little as two minutes to get a sort of lukewarm, almost toasty treat before Rob asks if he can have one of your Diet Cokes in the fridge. Delish!


Some Old Cheese You Found in The Fridge

Desperate to dart in and out of the kitchen but need some quality, lasting protein? Finding what’s left of some old cheese you bought last week is a fantastic option when paired with the trail mix you left on your nightstand. Ready in 30 seconds or less, this will satisfy your salty, cheesy cravings and avoid the need to even say hi to Rob, who could at least be doing the dishes right now considering how much time he spends here.



Literally Anything from Seamless

No kitchen needed, baby!! This zero effort meal will leave you feeling satisfied and also a prisoner in your own home due to the silent yet oppressive presence of Rob. Score!!


We’re all busy people (except Rob, for some reason?) and preparing a meal is always a challenge, but with these quick and easy meals, you’ll be spending less time in the kitchen than you ever wanted to. Yum yum!