How to Not Take It Personally When Other Women Are in Their Early 20s

When you encounter a woman in her early 20s, you might find her energy and optimism to be deeply offensive. Don’t worry – it happens to lots of us! Just remember, she’s not trying to make you aware of your age, she’s just actually that age. Although you might feel understandably personally attacked by her taut skin and sincere joy, here are some tips and tricks to not take it personally when another woman has the audacity to be in her 20s.


Understand that she can’t help it.

Trust us, if this bitch Kylee could be a cynical 30-something, she would be! But she was born 23 years ago and life just hasn’t beaten her down yet. Even though her first “real” hangover is a good five years away, do your very best to practice empathy. It’s not her fault she’s this young even though it is truly unfortunate. Her parents just happened to have sex 10 years after yours did!


Focus on your positive attributes.

What do you like about yourself? Sure, you’re aging, but there are benefits to having an entire decade of life experience under your belt. You have a savings account. You know what it’s like to watch Friends un-ironically. You remember 9/11. Honestly, who can compete with that?! Haha! Anyway, you really need to let this go.


Remember you used to be in your early 20s.

It can be painful to remember but you weren’t too different from this bouncy thing in front of you once upon a time. You were just as much of a threat to other, older women as she is to you right now. Sure this dumb youngster doesn’t know that she’ll grow chin hairs when she ages. She’ll learn in due time!


Put yourself in her shoes.

Try on her flip-flops for a while, and understand what it’s like to be her – someone who’s looking at a woman in her 30s growing another scowl line because she feels irrationally threatened by a young woman who doesn’t need to wear a bra. Ask yourself, “Can I afford a potential wrinkle over this?” The answer is no, so stop feeling so weird!



Know that she won’t always be in her early 20s.

Sure, right now you’re standing in front of someone who’s giggling, “I’m still in college,” but just know that one day, she will be out of college. Try to make yourself feel better knowing her youthful vivacity will one day come to an end, just like yours did.


We know it might come off as a personal affront with another woman is in her early 20s, but trust us, it has nothing to do with you, it’s simply the year she was born! But honestly, she should chill out because life is bad. She’ll know soon enough!