How to ‘No Worries if Not’ Your Way Into a Toxic Relationship

Have you ever found yourself in a super toxic relationship? No worries if not! If your vibe is “whatever works!”, then you’re already on your way! If you haven’t had the opportunity and want to find a kind of chill, cool-girl way of just sliiiiiding right into one, here’s how to “no worries if not!” your way right into a super toxic relationship that will put you in therapy for years to come!


When you first meet someone, keep the mantra: “No Worries if Not!”

You can’t force true love! So maybe you should just let everything slide in a way that lets your partner know they can truly do whatever they want. Aw, that’s the kind of love that your parents and grandparents had. If you’re extra chill about just kind of letting decisions be made around you and possibly against you, they might not even realize they’re participating in toxic behavior for years of your relationship! Sex on the first date? Sure, whatev! No condom? Haha, no worries!


Add “No Worries if Not!” to any invitation to something that means a lot to you.

Are they down with meeting your close friends over dinner? No worries if not! The more you make it clear that there are TRULY no worries if they don’t feel like getting to know any of your interests or the people you hold dear in your life, the more they’ll feel free to just kind of skip out, since it’s obviously no big whoop. This will cement the idea that nothing is ever really a big deal to you, which is true, right?? Haha!!!!


When you say, “I Love You,” immediately follow that with “No Worries if Not!”

Everyone knows that the freedom to share your feelings honestly is the bedrock of a good relationship. But if that’s not what you’re going for, hedge any sincere feelings you may have for your partner with plenty of “No worries!” and exclamation points to really highlight that it’s no big deal if they don’t reciprocate! Really!!!



Just kind of say “No Worries if Not” over and over until the relationship fades away!

If you feel like things have officially gotten toxic between you two, but you don’t really want to be pushy or try to end things yourself, just put yourself on a “No worries if not!” loop until they start to think you’ve completely lost it and eventually cheat on you and leave. Remember, they won’t leave on good terms – they will definitely cheat! This is, after all, a super toxic relationship!


So if you’re looking to kind of just fall into a toxic relaysh with someone because you fear having boundaries or being truly understood, no worries! Just “no worries” your way through life and you’ll find the perfect toxic partner in no time at all. No worries if not, though!!