How to Marry A Man Despite His Awful Haircut

Sure, dating a guy with a man bun was fun, but it can be challenging when he finally asks you to marry him. Yes, you love him and he’s an incredibly supportive partner, but how are you going to spend the rest of your life with someone who had a man bun? Here’s how to say ‘yes’ to this man despite the fact that he once had a man bun.


Remember that You Love Him

You definitely gave him keys to your place like a week after your first Netflix-and-chill date, so you definitely love this guy. Just keep remembering that you really, really love this guy, even though he had man-bun when you met and has since gotten it fixed. Focus on the good!


Remember that You Share A Dog Together

He lovingly adopted your cat and you adopted a dog together, which is a sign that underneath that topknot is a really good guy. Keep in mind that despite his past hair choices, he is an amazing father to your two pets.


Read this Proposal Because He Is Proposing to You Right Now:



Our life together is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.


When I am sad I think of your laughter. When I’m frustrated I imagine us cuddling.


Your incredible presence and concentrated superpower stares have made me a better person.


You have shared with me a way of being that has inspired more smiles than I thought possible.


We’ve talked about our future, snacked over plans, and have taken big steps in support of one another.


Nothing could make me happier than to keep going together… LIFETEAM!


Would you like to get married?


Will you marry me?


Marriage is a long and challenging commitment to one another. In the end, remember that man buns can always be chopped off, but your love for each other is a forever kind of thing. Good luck, you two!