How to Fake Not Having an Orgasm Just to Keep Him Humble

Having a boyfriend can be great, especially when he’s good in bed. But, if you want the sex to stay fresh and exciting, it’s important to make sure he knows he’s not TOO good in bed. So if he is giving you ‘gasms, here’s how to fake not having an orgasm to juuust to keep him a little bit humble, you know?


Bite the insides of your cheeks.

If your guy is really close to making you cum, try to to keep a poker face by biting the insides of your cheeks. Not only will transferring the feeling into a different part of your body distract you from your orgasm, the stoic, menacing look your bitten cheeks will totally throw him off! You’re definitely NOT enjoying this!


Channel your feelings into a long yawn.

Geez, your boyfriend is honestly about to make you orgasm again? Try opening your mouth into what looks like an expression of overwhelming ecstasy and let it turn into a seriously long yawn. He’ll instantly think that he’s boring you, which is great, because the fact that you yawned right in the middle of things will put his manly hubris in check. You’re in control here!


Talk about what you’re having for dinner.

On your way to another orgasm? Try deflating his ego by talking about what you two will have for dinner right through the throes of your pleasure. He’ll think that his mediocrity is causing you to be more interested in eating pasta than in what he’s doing to you sexually. That’ll knock him down a peg!



Think about politics!

If all else fails and this guy is about to make you finish AGAIN, try thinking of the hugely problematic political climate fostered by our current presidential administration. Your increase in heart rate will have him convinced for a quick second that he’s almost reached his goal, but the dead look in your eyes and draining of blood from your face will take the wind right out of his sails. This will give him a little bit of encouragement, but not too much, because that’s not the goal right now.


Having orgasms is fun and all, but you can’t let your guy’s head get too big over it. Try any of these tips, and you will have came, saw, and conquered!