5 Fictional Females We Keep Forgetting Are Fake

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the drama of your onscreen gal pals. The funny, smart Sex and the City women would be ideal bridesmaids if, you know, they were real, which it seems like they are but they’re not. I keep forgetting! Here’s the five fictional females you’re most likely to forget aren’t real:


Carrie Bradshaw

Raise your hand if you’re still upset about when Carrie got dumped on a post-it. Keep it up if you use “at least it wasn’t on a post-it!” as your mantra after every break up and then pick up your phone to call Carrie. I miss you, Care Bear. Please be real?


Claudia Kishi

One of my favorite things growing up was attending babysitter’s club meetings. I mean reading and watching The Baby-sitters Club. Claudia always had the best accessories and such silky hair and I’m not gay but I feel like maybe it could work out between us if I was? I mean, if she were real. Are you there, Claudia? It’s me, reality. Please come over.


Rose Nylund

My Grandma and I spent a ton of time with The Golden Girls when I was growing up. We used to eat cheesecake and dish about men. Rose even taught me to bake my own cheesecake somewhere along the line. Or was it Grandma? Pretty sure it was Rose. I should call her and see how she’s doing.

Clueless 1995  Alicia Silverstone

Cher from Clueless

Sometimes you just want a really rich girl BFF with good taste and lots of money. Like on those nights when you’re lonely and watching movies to try to forget about your credit card debt. Uh, as if I’ll ever pay it off? As if! Right, Cher?


Jennifer Lawrence

Of course, no one this fun could exist in reality but a girl can dream about having a friend like her!