Cute Fall Scarves To Keep Forgetting At Jeff’s Place

Fall means it’s time to layer, then go to Jeff’s place and un-layer. Whether it’s because he ripped it off you in a sexy haste to get to your body, or because you were just too lazy to pick up your shit before you left, here are the cutest fall scarves to leave at Jeff’s place every single time.


Rectangle Scarf to Leave on Jeff’s Bed

A classic oblong scarf is always on-trend and perfect for the early fall weather. It also goes great with your special date outfit, which all but guarantees that it will end up tangled in Jeff’s single sheet possibly forever. You will be incredibly frustrated by your mistake when you leave and feel cold, but you’ll vow to get it when you go back next time. And then you’ll leave another scarf there in a never-ending cycle. Hope you have a ton of scarves!


Blanket Scarf to Leave on Jeff’s Couch

You buy a new scarf pretty much every time you go shopping because you so forgetfully continue to leave them at places after one wear. This big, comfy monstrosity barely qualifies as a scarf because it is practically a blanket. Good for Jeff because he can use it as one when you inevitably rush to work from his place and forget the scarf and probably at least one glove. Who can blame you when it literally looks like a throw on the couch? You might be cold as shit, but Jeff’s feeling pretty cozy with your winter wear. He’s so lucky to have you!



Crocheted Scarf to Straight Up Lose

You took up crocheting to release some of the tension that built up from not getting laid. Now you have Jeff so you don’t need to get laid, but you do need to get knitting again since you left the first scarf at Jeff’s fucking apartment. Now the only thing shameful about your walk of shame is that you are curled in a fetal position on the ground crying because you did not take all your layers back with you and you’re freezing. Where did that scarf even go? Did it just disappear into thin air?


Bright Scarf to “Forget”

Okay, you left this one on purpose. After leaving a baker’s dozen scarves tucked into his couch or fallen behind his bed, you saw the silver lining: if you leave it, he will call! Well not call, because that’s kinda creepy, but at least he’ll text you back in a reasonable amount of time. Either way, you have successfully leveraged your thoughtlessness into another bang-sesh. Congrats!


Use this guide on all scarf-shopping endeavors for the fall season. Scarf trends will come and go, but your inability to keep track of them is forever!