Here’s Our Favorite Fall Trend And Hold On To Your Nips Because It’s Coats

Fall has many exciting new things in store, but the one that all forward-thinking fashionistas have on their mind is gonna make you lose your shit right now. Are you fucking ready? It’s coats. So strap the fuck in and hold onto your nips, because here’s are a lot of reasons coats are gonna rock your world this fall.


Coats are warm AF.

If you’re feeling cold and looking for something daring to wear, gird your goddamn loins, because the motherfucking answer is coats. Get some shit with down feathers in it, and get ready to fucking rock and roll this season. The autumn air is brisk, but a coat can keep you hot. Hell yeah!


Coats have pockets!

Where are you gonna put all your dope shit? Well, I hope your mind is comfortable, because I’m about to blow it: Coats fucking have ‘em. Sometimes they have a bunch of pockets. Are you taking this shit seriously? Coats are motherfucking KING.



Some coats have buttons!

I know some of you are saying, “Is it REALLY worth the investment to buy a coat?” but hear me out: Some coats have buttons. They help the coat stay closed, but also don’t have to if you don’t want it closed. And coats that don’t have buttons usually have zippers. You still with me? The power of coats is no fucking joke!


Coats come in colors!

Take a swig of this tasty tip: Coats come in gorgeous tones that we love to see in the fall and also in general. So anyone who thinks that coats are boring can go jump off a fucking bridge!!!


If you’re a real fierce woman who’s ready to take the plunge, the 2016 must-have is coats. Hold the fuck on!