How to Make Him See You As More Than Just a Pleasure to Have in Class

So you’ve got your eye on a cutie—and he’s easy to spot, because he’s the 45-year-old man explaining Western literature to you and the rest of your class. You and Mr. Ramirez have so much in common that it’s crazy to think that he wouldn’t feel the same way about you, but all he ever says is that you’re “a good student.” Worried you’re going to get another satisfactory report this semester? Check out these helpful tips to make him see you as more than just a pleasure to have in class!


Start off slow. Mr. R. (though you dream of the day you can run your hands through his hair while calling him “Mike”) might already know that you’re more than just your B average. Dropping a few subtle hints onto the pages of your exam might just do the trick! Try, “Those khakis do great things for you, Mr. R. :)”. He’ll definitely realize you’re more than just an active participant in class discussion!


Show him how much you have in common. For example, he doesn’t wear a wedding ring, and neither do you! Show you care by staring at his finger for all of class trying to figure out if he has a ring tan from any past marriages. What was he saying about Proust? Who cares! He’ll learn to appreciate more than just your exceptional focus on challenging new concepts—like your boobs!



Be his fantasy. You’ve stalked him online enough to know that he once tweeted about The Big Bang Theory, so you can be sure his jaw will drop in a totally unprofessional way when he sees you all dressed up as “sexy” Sheldon at 7:50 in the morning. But make sure you remind him of your name so he doesn’t confuse you with an actual man who just looks like Sheldon. Bazinga!


Orchestrate a run-in. You’re already have his class every week, so why not extend your time together by “running into him” at his home? He’ll be so surprised! His mouth may be saying, “What are you doing here? Do I know you?” but his body is saying, “YES!”


Prove that you’re mature enough to handle him. He may be 45, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of his league! Demonstrate your maturity with some old-school love moves. Send your teach a love letter that would make Shakespeare himself jealous. Don’t worry about Mr. R. freaking out about you having your home address—he’ll be super distracted by your maturity!


Following these handy tips should definitely promote you from star student to star of his wet dreams. And if all else fails, he should still be able to write you a recommendation!