How to Have Fun This Summer Even Though You Haven’t Felt Joy Since VH1 Dissolved Their Celebreality Franchise

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up to have a little fun in the sun! But we know it can be tough to imagine joining in on the warm weather adventures when you’re haunted by the vague memories of summers past spent blasting the AC and binge-watching Rock of Love. So here are a few ways to enjoy yourself this summer, despite the fact that you haven’t felt joy since VH1 dissolved their Celebreality franchise!


Go to the beach.

There’s no better way to enjoy the sunshine than by spending a lazy day at the beach! Grab a good book and some ice cold lemonade and let the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shoreline wash your troubles away. Do your best to soak in the sun and try not to think about the time Verne Troyer got really drunk and peed on the floor of the Surreal Life house. You can still enjoy yourself even though the days of getting to watch celebrities make fools of themselves on what was once a music network are gone. Dig your toes into the sand, life’s a beach!


Throw a barbecue.

Gather some friends and get your cookout on! It’s almost impossible to feel unhappy when you’re throwing back some beers, playing a little cornhole, and devouring a bunch of hot dogs in someone’s backyard. I mean, you’ll feel unhappy because you haven’t felt any joy since Flavor Flav hopped on that private jet and said his final goodbye to Brigitte Nielsen after their whirlwind relationship on Strange Love. But hopefully, the smell of charring hamburgers and taste of lukewarm potato salad will give you enough of a distraction to pretend you can feel positive emotions! Bon appetit!


Visit a waterpark.

If you’ve got a whole day to spend, why not relive your youth and take a trip to a waterpark with some pals? The slides, the games, the fried food – all the details will add up to an amazing and super fun summer day for you and your friends. Of course, it won’t be as fun as it would’ve been when you last felt happy in 2009 when the Celebreality franchise was in its full glory and Pumkin had just hocked a full loogie on New York on season one of Flavor of Love because “she looked like a man and she needed that facelift” and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Oh well, just fake a smile and try to have fun.


Try any of these fun summer activities to attempt to enjoy yourself over the coming months, even though you won’t because VH1’s Celebreality franchise is over and it’s never coming back! Sorry, saddo!