Fun Summer Activities To Talk About But Never Get Around To Doing

Summer is meant for relaxation, but with each passing year, your activities list grows longer and more complicated. It might be fun to spend all day in at a flea market, or to have a bonfire barbecue on a secret beach – but what’s more fun is to sit around and talk about how great all these things would be to do, like, at some point this summer! Here are some summer activities are still fun to talk about long after you realize they won’t happen:


“Let’s go in on a beach house!”

Email this request to your entire group of friends and watch as the conversation spirals through September. Where should you go? What’s the budget? Should you invite Connie even though she’ll just work the whole time? You’ll enjoy the speculation even though a plan this intricate is doomed from the start.


“How about camping?”

There’s no question that talking about camping is more fun than actually going camping. Immerse yourself in conversations about expensive equipment. Fill an Amazon Wish List with the walking stick that best conveys your personality and the best automatic water purifier out there. If only work wasn’t sooo hectic right now!




“Let’s go to one of those free outdoor movies!”

This seems like a simple, breezy activity for a Monday night! First, check out the movie calendar and try to get everyone to agree on the best one to go see. Goodfellas would be fun! Or, Clueless is playing the next week! It would be great if someone would stop at Whole Foods after work to get some snacks. And someone else should go to the liquor store so we can sneak wine into paper cups. Then when everyone bails last minute because the park is a little annoying to get to, you can lie in bed and watch the movie with a hot laptop on your chest.


“We HAVE to go to a baseball game this year”

Browse for tickets for the best seats on the best promotion day. What a great way to spend a wholesome afternoon … wait, this website also sells tickets to the Beyoncé and Jay-Z show next October?!


“No, seriously! Let’s really get a beach house, if not for July 4th then at least for Labor Day Weekend!”

Okay! Don’t forget to buy a Julia Child cookbook so you can cook all the lobsters you’ll be catching!


Remember, you can still get tan from right in your own backyard. Or even better, get tan from in bed with a little bit of sun shining through the window.