Is He Flirting With You, or Is He Your Gynecologist Wanting to Know How Your Birth Control is Working Out?

Sex - Reductress

Picking up on subtle signals is a big part of the dating game. Engaging in a little flirty back-and-forth is essential to establishing a romantic connection, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if a potential suitor is flirting with you, especially if he’s a medical professional asking you very personal sexual questions! Take this quiz to find out if he’s hitting on you or if he’s just your gynecologist wanting to know how your birth control is working out!


Does he make a lot of eye contact?

a.) Yes. He gazes longingly into my eyes while we’re talking, and we often exchange quick glances when we’re in the same room.

b.) Yes. He looks up from his chart, we lock eyes, and he asks me if I’m experiencing nausea, cramping, or changes in my menstrual flow.


Does he make an effort to spend time one-on-one with you?

a.) Absolutely. Whenever we’re in a group we end up talking just the two of us. It’s like we naturally separate from everyone else to spend time in our own little world.

b.) There’s often a nurse around too, but he totally focuses on me.


Has he asked you out to dinner?

a.) He’s always talking about great restaurants he’s heard about and saying that we should check them out together sometime.

b.) Not exactly, but he did ask me if I noticed any changes to my appetite since starting this new birth control. Maybe that’s just his way of asking me if I want to go out to dinner with him?




Does he ask you thoughtful questions?

a.) Oh, yes. He seems so interested in knowing everything about my life story, interests, and passions.

b.) Yes, 100 percent. Just the other day looked at me with his gorgeous brown eyes and asked, “So how’s your birth control working out? Do you feel ok with the generic?” Swoon!




Mostly As: Girl, he is flirting with you! He’s definitely interested, and if you are too, you should take the next step and ask him out.

Mostly Bs: He is most certainly your gynecologist wanting to know how your birth control is working out. Sorry to say he probably doesn’t want to date you, but on the bright side, he sounds like an attentive doctor! You should not ask him out, but keep getting that good gynecological care!