4 Methods to Cure Your Back Pain That Don’t Involve Sitting Up Straight

Frequent back pain can become a major hindrance to your enjoyment of life. You deserve relief so you can spend more time focusing on the things that really matter and less time managing frustrating physical discomfort. Sure, you could just make an effort to correct your posture, but you’ve been hunching over since high school and don’t have plans to fix that bad habit anytime soon. Try out these four methods to cure your back pain that don’t involve sitting up straight, because that’s unreasonable and absolutely off the table.


Apply heat and ice.

Alternate applying heat and ice to the painful area to reduce aches and pains. By using this technique, you can suss out which temperature better grants you immediate relief. Real immediate relief would probably come from you just sitting up straight for once, but why do that when it’s hard and boring? Instead, press these cold or hot compresses onto your problem area while sitting comfortably hunched over in a chair, just the way you like.


Stay active.

While it may be tempting to stay in bed when your back hurts, you’ll actually relieve pain by staying active and going about your day as normal. Go for a walk, stretch out, and run your errands. These practices are useful to curb back pain and avoid trying to sit with good posture in a chair which is entirely unnatural and insane and will make you very aware of every part of the body in the worst way. In the end, it’s much easier to avoid chairs than try to break a lifelong habit of sitting like a gargoyle!



Improve flexibility.

Improving your overall flexibility will help you evenly distribute your body weight. Start your morning with some light stretching, then go to work and relax your upper body into a perfect semi-circle because sitting up straight is absolutely out of the question. After all, you’re not some sort of fancy horse!


Hope it will go away.

A classic and time-tested cure for back pain is simply hoping with all your might that it will go away. Plead with the universe to eliminate your back pain while plopped down on the subway with your shoulders curved so hard they’re technically considered a black diamond slope.


No one deserves to live life inconvenienced or debilitated by back pain! Try out any of these methods to help you manage your pain, none of which require you to sit up straight which you absolutely won’t do. Anyone asking that of you doesn’t understand the limits of the human body. Good luck!