How to Get the Cute Lifeguard to Notice You Before You Drown

As the summer sun shines down on us, all we can think about is beating the heat. We’re wearing our shortest shorts and sipping our coldest drinks, but nothing cools you off quite like a dip in the ocean. Don’t know how to swim? No problem! With a little effort, you can totally get that cute lifeguard to notice you before you drown! Here’s how:


Wear Bold, Bright Colors

Whether you’re a one-piece gal or a bikini babe, go for bold patterns and bright colors. This will help you stand out to the sexy lifeguard whether you’re safely on the sand or helplessly flailing in the water. Feeling a little risqué? Use that bright swimsuit as an SOS flag! If that doesn’t get his attention we’re not sure what will, but let’s hope it does!!


Go for Waterproof Makeup

Plenty of products on the market come with a built-in sun protection factor (SPF), so you can look glamorous while protecting your skin. Remember – you’ll be running, splashing, and gasping for air, so be sure everything is waterproof! In fact, a coat of waterproof crimson lipstick will really highlight your mouth while you’re screaming, “HELP! PLEASE HELP!” And pretty much guarantee the hottie in the tall chair is gonna notice you.



Have Some Self-Confidence!

No matter how many imperfections you may think you have, like not fully knowing how to swim, strut around like you’re on the runway and it’ll turn heads. Still trying to catch his eye before your lungs fill up with water? Don’t be afraid to make the first move! While it may seem overly assertive, just tell him exactly what you want him to do to you, like pull your almost-lifeless body out of the water to perform CPR. He’ll be really impressed with your candor!


When it all comes down to it, your best asset in getting to notice you is being bold. Which you clearly already are, or else you never would have walked so blindly into that undertow! So go ahead and fixate on the cutie in bright red shorts – he may be your soulmate, or at least your only hope against imminent death. Hot!