How To Get All the Clutter Out of Your Pores

Minimalism is key for peace of mind. Any lifestyle guru can tell you that a home and workspace devoid of clutter is a stepping-stone to a happier, lighter existence. Now it’s time bring that same concept to your face! De-cluttering your pores is a simple way to create more space and make your face less disgusting. Here’s how to do it:


Visualize the pores you want and set goals.

The first step to achieving clean pores is envisioning your skin like a smooth, perfect counter space, free of junk and debris. Getting a clear picture of your clear skin you want in your mind will motivate you to bring that vision to fruition. Blemishes should not be part of your goal setting. Remember: Only keep things on your face that spark joy.


Consider how often you use all that stuff in your pores.

When was the last you even looked at your pore junk, or even the last time you thought about it? Does it serve a function, like keeping your face looking moist and youthful, or does it drag your face down keep it from being its best? If it hasn’t been useful, put it in a bag under your bed, and if you find yourself in need of it, go ahead and put it all back.



Make a sorting system.

When are you getting all the useless things out of your skin, make sure they’re organized. Sort your pore gunk by shape, color, and/or size in tiny clear bins. Then throw out those bins because you don’t need that kind of clutter in your life.


If there’s any paper in there, don’t even look at it. Just get rid of it.

Most of your important documents, bills, and receipts can be found online. If you pull paper out of your pore, just toss it. Honestly, why are you keeping paper in there?


Face trash piles up and it can be overwhelming. Use these tips and you and your, smooth, clutter free skin will be pleasing to the eye for about a week until you get lazy and let those pores pile up again.