How to Gaslight Your Boyfriend Into Thinking He Already Has a Podcast

These days, it seems like every man wants to start a podcast, but what if your man is next? If you’re worried about your bf starting a podcast after listening to one too many episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, then here’s how to gaslight him into thinking he already has a podcast. Problem solved!


Remind him of something he said in his last “episode.”

Anytime he shares a profound experience or insight, like a great trip he took once, or a time he was actually tripping, point out to him that he actually mentioned that anecdote in his last podcast episode, and that you really, really liked it! Even though he might be confused, the flattery will probably just lead him to accept the compliment, and he most likely won’t feel the need to bring another podcast into the world. The end justifies the means!


Schedule his last “recordings” in his Google calendar.

If he’s still confused as to why you keep mentioning his nonexistent podcast, schedule some past recordings in his Google calendar so that he has proof of it existing. You can even give it a name! Just write something like “Record UpDog Podcast” every Saturday for the last two years. How is he gonna argue with you that he doesn’t have a podcast when the evidence is right there in front of him? It may seem like a violation, but it’s ultimately best for your relationship and society. Plus, you gave his fake podcast an awesome title!



Ask him if you could be a guest on the “pod” sometime.

Despite not having any real copies or recordings of your boyfriend’s podcast, asking him if you could be a guest on his pod whenever he has an open spot is a great way to gaslight him. He probably won’t want to let you down by insisting he doesn’t actually have a podcast, and he’ll also have virtually no grasp on reality at this point! Hopefully he never actually has you on, though. Being a guest on the fake podcast you created to gaslight your partner would be kind of insane.


So if you want to have all your bases covered when it comes to your boyfriend wanting to start a podcast, try out these tips to ensure that he already thinks he has one! Five stars!