QUIZ: Do You Miss the Service Industry or Do You Just Want to Get Blackout Drunk With Your Boss?

While sitting at your cushy office job, you may long for the action of the bars and restaurants you worked at in your 20s. The service industry is where many of us made friendships, hooked up with random busboys, and stayed up until the wee hours with the entire crew getting absolutely hammered. If your boss is cool, it can be hard to figure out if you want to get blackout drunk with them or quit your job completely and go back to waiting tables. Take this quiz to find out whether you should throw away your career or just plan a happy hour!


Would you prefer to work Friday nights and weekends?

  1. Yeah, that would allow me to go grocery shopping during the day and go out on weekdays when there’s no crowds!
  2. Absolutely not.


How do you feel about customers?

  1. I love and miss my regulars.
  2. Also, they’re called clients now. My manager talks shit about them after meetings sometimes, but you can tell she holds back a little. I wish she’d open up more.


Do you want to smoke cigarettes in the alley while you take out the trash?

  1. I live for those moments!
  2. I quit smoking years ago, but if I’ve had a few drinks…


Is your boss cool?

  1. Not like Chef Kyle was. He was also my drug dealer. Good times.
  2. I think I saw some tattoos when she rolled up her shirt sleeve. She definitely parties. I also have hidden tattoos. We could probably be good friends if we didn’t have to act so professional all the time.



Do you enjoy having PTO and health insurance?

  1. It’s fine, but I’m more of the live fast, die young type.
  2. But what good is health insurance if you don’t use it for alcohol detox after closing down a 4am bar with Cheryl after the holiday party?



Mostly 1s: It’s likely you took an “adult” job just for the money or benefits, but it’s not where you belong and you know it. Stop being a sellout and go back to your people!

Mostly 2s: You probably don’t miss working clopens or standing on your feet all day forcing smiles for tips. But your boss does sound pretty sweet. They were young once, too! They’ve probably got some great stories. Ask ‘em out for a drink! Or twelve!